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About Us

The Arabic Church in Madrid

The vision for an Arabic-language fellowship was born from regular prayer walks in the Tetuan neighborhood. Pastors Dan and Duane would walk around the neighborhood and pray, with a special focus on Muslims.

We dreamed: wouldn't it be wonderful for Arabic-speaking people to have a fellowship they could be part of in Madrid? We continued praying. A local pastor volunteered a space for our meetings. A church in the States provided some essential startup funds for much-needed launch expenses (like this website). 

Al Kanisa launched as an Arabic-language church in Madrid on October 2nd of 2018. That doesn't mean it's only for ethnic Arabs—it means all our worship and teaching is done in Arabic.

Doctrine? We are interdenominational: people who attend are Muslims, Muslim seekers, ex-Muslim Christians, and people raised in Christian families. We are welcoming to people of all churches, religions, or no religion. Our pastors come from different evangelical traditions—Anglican, Assemblies of God, and Methodist.

We believe in the Holy Trinity, that God created all things, that Jesus Christ is fully man and fully God, that without his death and resurrection humanity would have no hope for reconciliation with our Creator. We believe that Jesus Christ will return some day to establish his eternal and perfect Kingdom, we believe in resurrection, we believe in the forgiveness of sins. 


We believe that there is one Body of Christ that spans the centuries and all ethnic groups, and that this body continues to proclaim faithfully that which the first Apostles proclaimed.


We believe in the Holy Spirit, who is Lord and God himself, he inspired the authors of the Holy Scriptures and draws people today to eternal life in the Son of God.

What does our service look like? We meet, sing some songs of praise, share our concerns and pray with and for each other, study a part of Scripture verse by verse. We conclude by singing the Lord's Prayer and conclude with a brief prayer of blessing. But then we have a time of fellowship which can be every bit as enriching and powerful as the other parts of our service. 

If you want to know more about us, just e-mail or call here at the Arabic Church in Madrid.

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